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Upland Training

At River Roan Kennels, pointer training is our specialty! We offer everything from puppy programs to advanced gundog work and getting your dog ready to compete in AKC Master Level Hunt Test. We strongly believe that the key to having a great gundog in the field is having a great foundation.

Puppy Head Start

Available for puppies between 8-20 weeks to give them an early introduction to the training and hunting concepts they'll see as they grow. Pups will be introduced to feathers, clipped wing pigeons, gunfire, field work, boats, water, etc. They will be socialized with humans, other dogs and the groundwork that will be put in place for future training. 

Basic Pointing Dog Training

In this stage of training we focus on bringing out your dogs natural ability and setting the foundation for a solid gundog in the field. We will teach your dog basic obedience as well as  introduce your dog to gun fire and live game birds in the field. We will complete Force Fetch and Collar Conditioning at this level as well. Once a dog has completed its basic training, it will have all of the tools need to be a started gundog and compete in AKC Junior test. 

  • Introduction to live game birds

  • Introduction to the gun

  • Conditioning to remote collar

  • Recall on command

  • Whoa in the yard (both command and whistle)

  • Conditioned Retrieve (Force Fetch)

Advanced Pointing Dog Training

The “breaking” or steadiness process will not be rushed as each dog moves at its own pace. This is a stressful time for most dogs so we make sure not to add anymore pressure than what's   needed. Once the “breaking” process is done we’ll start introducing situations that requires your dog to “back” or honor another dog in the field. This process makes for a great, well rounded dog in the field and have them ready to compete in ACK Senior level test.

  • Removing the “chase”

  • Quartering & field handling

  • Steadiness to wing and shot

  • Backing / Honoring

Finished Pointing Dog Training

In this phase we take your well-rounded gundog and hold them to a very high standard. All dogs at this level will be expected to be steady to wing, shot, fall and release. Your dog will also be exposed to many different types of terrains and hunting environments to prep them for any type of hunting situation they may face. During the finishing process we’ll polish, reinforce and condition all things learned up to this point and have these dogs ready to compete at the AKC Master Test.

Upland Training: Services
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