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Which types of dogs does River Roan Kennels train?

At River Roan Kennels we train a wide variety of dogs. Although our main focus is on sporting breeds we do offer obedience training for any breed of dogs.

Will I need to leave my dog in order to have it trained?

Yes and No. It depends on what type of training you're looking for. If you're needing retriever or upland training, we defiantly recommend leaving your dog for training. Obedience training is a little different, you can choose to leave you dog with us or we can put together private session package so that you dog can remain at home with you.

Do you use a e-collar for training?

The use of a e-collar is totally dependent on what type of training you want. With obedience training the use of a e-collar is not a necessity but defiantly recommend. With retriever and upland training we do use e-collars in our program.

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